332px-True Red Eyes

True Red Eyes (1)

First Crimson King True Red Eyes

True Red Eyes (2)

These are the True Eyes of True Mibu, representing the source of the power of them, their true strenght and of the first generations of Battle Dolls

They are an "evolution" (or a power up) of Red Eyes (they give to the owner a tremendous boost in power and a suffocating, almost tangible, bloodlust that requires strong power of will to resist)

First Crimson King is True Mibu's ruler (the forefather of them all) and the first to possess this eyes

Former Crimson King (Sendai Aka no Ou) is the First Battle Doll (precisely the First Red Cross Knight) created by True Mibu, so he has True Red Eyes and his "children" (called "Sons of God") has the True Red Eyes too


Demon Eyes Kyo, being a True Mibu (like First Crimson King), should have True Red Eyes always activated (but for some strange reason it is not so. Infact in Kyo this state is exhausting to mantain and may leave him drained if he uses them for too long. Perhaps it is due to the fact that he is the last True Mibu and therefore a bit weaker than them)