Silent Breath on Okuni

True Indara manipulate Fake Indara (Okuni Izumono) mind using Silent Breath

Silent breath

Silent Breath

Silent Breath is a technique that allows user to manipulate objects around them by altering their rhythm. While the technique may seem telekinetic is nature in actuality it has more in common with telepathy. User sends ki through the vibrations in the atmosphere allowing them to create a frequency which resonates with the rhythm of the object allowing user to mess around with the qualities of it.

Silent Breath on rocks

True Indara controls rocks using Silent Breath

There is nothing that Silent Breath can’t control. Its song controls everything that moves and stays. It enables the user to levitate objects, and by controlling the wind propel or manipulate them however they wish. Silent Breath can allow a user to perform an amplified jump by manipulating the ground to make it more elastic. It also allows a user to manipulate the "Air" mid-jump and use it to accelerate. Silent Breath can even alter an object's form. When used on a living being Silent Breath renders the subject into a zombie-like state/trance and are completely subjected to the users will. Physical pain does seem to be able to break the subject out of the trace, though they will have no recollection of what they did while under so to them it just seems like they’ve been attacked.

Silent Breath on Indara

True Indara uses Silent Breath on herself

When performing Silent Breath on themselves user can transform parts of their body into anything they wish even bladed weapons for example. Aside from being able to change their outer appearance, they can alter the inside of their body as well, shifting the location of vital organs, and regenerating organs as well. They can even harden their bones and remove them, regrowing new bones instantly to take their place. With this ability, user can even fully change their outer appearance, being able to transform into another human form, or take the form of a living weapon, making this useful for disguise. Indara used this to transform her body into a flexible organic diamond form. In many ways, this is similar to organic steel technique. The main weakness of Silent Breath is that the more complex the rhythmic alteration the more intricate the song to cause it has to be requires great skill to perform even the most minimal of task.