Muramasa's Satori

Satori (1)

Muramasa's Satori in battle

Satori (2)

A mystical phenomenon by which a person directly experiences their own higher consciousness, and in that moment of heightened awareness one is directly open to the energy generated by all living things, the sum of all creation and its flow throughout the universe. Satori requires no conscious activation and the user simple “sees” through a person’s heart. Even without speaking aloud user’s able to know what any person is thinking in other words they’re the best thief. Rather than penetrate a mind, it’s actually more like naturally receiving thoughts. User hears whatever a person is thinking of saying as actual speech. Strong thoughts are like shouts, unfocused ones are like whispers. Not everything is sent over. User only knows what a person is thinking on the surface they can’t hear anything deeper than that. 

318px-Body Bind

Body Bind (1)


Body Bind (2)

Satori can be used in many ways such as entering a victims mind and placing a body-bind on them immobilizing and restricting their freedom.


  • Satori can be considered an "evolution" of the Telepathy