Raikoken (3)


Raikoken (1)


Raikoken (2)

This technique allows user to harness the earth's electrical fields and generate a current by drawing it out of the ground as well as atmospheric sources with his Ki and focusing it through his sword. This process significantly heats up the air surrounding user causing a rapidly expanding cloud to form above them. Because the electricity is gathered from both the ground and the atmosphere the energy gathers at different places in the cloud. At the same time the air begins to break down and try to neutralize the atmospheric energy allowing current to flow to try and neutralize the separation, creating a powerful thunder cloud. Finally the electric current channeled through the sword produces a powerful magnetic field that can attract lightning bolts from the cloud. Thus user’s sword becomes a lightning conductor to hold and direct the lightning.

Quote: “Thunder of the Sky, Thunder of the Earth, Come Forth with the Thunder Clouds, Light up the Earth as the Lightning Shines Upon me, Grant me your Power”



Raijin Moraien

- Raijin Moraien (Lightning Blade, Lightning Web)

After stabbing the Reikoken into the ground creates a barrier with the blade as its centre, the electricity is just like a spider web. That barrier can catch anyone near to user. Not only can Moraien control the opponent’s moves like a spider web, it can render the prey immobile.

Raijin Raikaran

Rajin Raikaran

 - Raijin Raikaran (Lightning sword storm of thunders)

User directs lightning to his blade and absorbs the lightning energy to replenish his own physical condition and spiritual energy resulting in amazing physical enhancements to aid him in combat. User essentially becomes lightning in a human body.

- Raijin-Ho no Ikazuchi (Thunder Sword-Thunder Rain)

Raijin Hou No Ikazura

Raijin Honoikazuchi

User draws lightning from the sky to fire it down unto his opponent.

- Raijin – Koubouno Ikazuchi (Lightning sword- Grains of Thunder Light.)

Raijin-Koubouno Ikazuchi

Raijin-Koubouno Ikazuchi

User can bring a barrage of lightning bolts down around himself and his enemy.

- Hiraijin Kirin (Secret Thunder Sword- Kirin)


Hiraijin Kirin

Kirin is a holy animal from the heavens, it’s undefeatable. And it will burn everything that opposes and it will take the enemy’s soul back to the heavens. Kirin creates a lightning winged pegasus that burns all it touches. If opponent is not destroyed outright the technique overloads their body’s electrical system causing their body to combust and the electrical energy to be reabsorbed into the cloud.


Raikoken can be compared to One Piece's Goro Goro no Mi