Yin and Yang

Yin-Yang Sword

A battle between two masters of equal skill is basically a contest of power, not necessarily skill. Both warriors attack with full strength but also defend with full strength. You could call it a battle of yin and yang because it’s the very nature of those swords that oppose each other.

363px-Sword of Yin

Sword of Yin (Kyoshiro's Sword Style) (1)

615px-Sword of Yin13

Sword Of Yin (Kyoshiro's Sword Style) (2)

The Yin Sword limits, rejects, and negates any kind of event that has happened to its target. It is an ability that returns the target to its former state no matter what has happened to it.  An offensive style that can be blocked is worth nothing. Attacks of the Yang Sword are useless against the Yin Sword. The Yin Sword is based off of various powerful healing techniques that rejects, reverses, and reconstructs phenomena that have occurred. The technique repels damage within a limited area. In other words, the Yin Sword returns an attack to its basic state causing the energy to bleed off back into the atmosphere.

640px-Sword of Yang

Sword of Yang (Kyo's Sword Style) (2)

Kyo sword style

Sword of Yang (Kyo sword Style) (1)

The Yang Sword nullifies an opponent's attack by hitting it with another attack of equal speed and energy. The Yang Sword has to block the opponent perfectly one tiny imperfection and user will take the blow without one to stop it. The worst kind of opponent for the Yang Sword style which is based on power is the Yin Sword Style.