Miyoshi Seikai and Miyoshi Isa Nyudou
Miyoshi Seikai and Miyoshi Isa
Vital statistics
Title Miyoshi Seikai and Miyoshi Isa Nyudou
Gender Male and Female
Race Human
Faction Jyuuyushi
Health Healthy
Level Super Strenght, Speed, Agility, Durability, Expert Ninjas, Skilled Hand to Hand Combatants
Status Alive
Location Kudo Mountain (in the beginning) / Red Tower
Miyoshi Seikai and Miyoshi Isa are the Nyūdos Brothers in the Sanada Jyuuyushi


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Nyudos brothers without glasses

Yukimura tells them to wear glasses because their eyes are pretty and their movements always alike


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They protected Sakuya in the Red Tower (in the beginning taking the appearance of a Nyudo).

Abilities / Notable Attacks

Each of them can attack by himself or combine with the other member.

Together they form a terrible duet able to combine their attacks.

They also can form into a single body.

- Nyuudous Punch


Nyuudous Punch

- Nyuudous Kick


Nyuudous Kick

- Nyuudous Special Attack


Nyuudous Special Attack