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Vital statistics
Title Mayumi
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction She was Muramasa Wife
Health Healthy
Level No Special Ability
Status Deceased
Location She lived together with Muramasa
Mayumi is Mahiro's sister and Muramasa's wife


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Mayumi personality

He is a kind and good person. Infact, when Muramasa stayed with her, he didn't need to use Satori: they used words to read each other's hearths


Muramasa, Mayumi and Mahiro

Mayumi, Muramasa and Mahiro

She was married to Muramasa for a period of time after he escaped from the Mibu Clan.


She was killed four years ago by Chinmei, not Kyo (as Mahiro believes), before which she gave Kyo his sword, Tenrou (forged by Muramasa). However, Mahiro doesn't find out the truth until much later in the story.