Makora, whose real name was Fuuma Kotarou, was the childhood friend of Sasuke.


He has yellow hair and black bandages that serve to hide the physical decay (he is a Mibu Clan failure experiment) 


Before being Makora of Junishinsho, he was similar to Sasuke (infact they was best friends). Now is a lonely ninja and he is very angry with Sasuke (he think he have been betrayed by him) but he is not evil


Chibi Sasuke and Makora

Sasuke and Kotarou in their childhood

Originally, he lived in Aokigahara (a forest filled with the failed constructs of the Mibu) with his friend Sasuke Sarutobi. Makora sought revenge against Sasuke because he was almost killed by him.
Sasuke hits Makora

Makora was temporarily controlled by Real Indara

In truth, however, Kotarou was temporarily controlled by the real Indara who caused him to attack Sasuke. Sasuke was simply defending himself, but all Kotarou could remember was Sasuke attacking him. Nevertheless, he was finally defeated by Sasuke after realizing that Sasuke did not want to kill him. They made a pact of becoming good friends when they were still living in Aokigahara. Once he learned the truth, Kotarou protected Sasuke from Indara's attack which ultimately killed him.



Makora in the anime

In the anime, Makora lives and joins Sanada Yukimura and Sasuke's forces in their fight against Benitora and his forces.

Abilities / Notable Attacks

Makora kunai


Makora shadow

Makora Shadow Control

Makora has the ability to control shadow forces and hide under them.

He is also an expert ninja

He uses kunai as weapons

1) Utsusemi

Makora utsusemi


2) Kunai

Makora's kunai


3) Shadow Technique

- Baku (or Shadow Binding)


Baku (1)

Baku effect

Baku (2)

Kotaro stabs with a kunai the shadow of the opponent, immobilizing him. This tecnique resembles Shikamaru's Shadow Imitation Technique in Naruto

- Kage Houyou (Shadow Embrace)

Shadow Embrace

Kage Houyou

By Generating a special dimensional space, Makora can travel and move freely through that space. While in his dimension, Makora’s ki is effectively concealed until he chooses to resurface. Also since he has basically concealed himselfin pockets of spacehe has to use something akin to sonar to determine where his opponent is. It allows him to feel ki vibrations on the ground. This ability an also be used to move through solid objects by means of phasing through the dimension.Kage Houyou does not require shadows to perform as Makora's shadow can be seen fully while he is underground. Though it does use shadows as a medium to create the space allowing user to freely move between shadows however the exit point must be large enough to accommodate user. This technique is better suited for assassination then battle as user can only travel at their normal speed while using Kage Houyou. It can also be used to escape danger by traveling long distances as long as a destination is marked through a specialtechnique formula before hand. While under the effects of the Crime Monster drug his strength and speed was increased to the point where was able to slip in, move through and slip out of the shadow dimension instantly allowing him to effectively use it in battle bombarding Sasuke from all directions.

- Kage Ochi (or Shadow Desceding)

Kage ochi

Kage Ochi (1)

Shadow descending

Kage Ochi (2)

Kotaro plunges the opponent in his shadow

- Kageroromo Kokueiki (or Shadows Cloack- Black Silhouette Rider)

Shadow Techniques

Kageroromo Kokueiki

Makora intangibility


Kotaro Body became a shadow, intangible to opponent attacks

- Kage Dachi (or Great Shadow Sword)

325px-Kage Dachi

Kage Dachi

Kotaro attack the opponent with a shadow sword

- Koku Eisoku (or Flight of the Shadow)

Koku Eisoku

Koku Eisoku


His shadow techniques resembles One Piece's Kage Kage no Mi (Gekko Moriah).


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