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Imprinting (1)

Imprinting developed by the Mibu from studying the process by which Shaman gain their abilities genetically encodes a technique onto a subject. The energy pattern the technique permeates the subject’s entire body inserting it into their DNA triggering a profound and significant change in the genetic
Sasuke vs dr.White

Imprinting (2)

expression of their entire body. Imprinting transforms the way the subject’s body systems work, including their glands, nerves, and muscles. There are many ways to perform this technique though it’s mostly done alchemically mainly through a spell that simulates the world inside the mind. It brings out thoughts into the real world; essentially, making those who can accurately simulate or mold the real world would be able to control it.

Anri teaches Sekireigan to Yukimura

Imprinting (4)

This was was Anri did to Yukimura when he engraved the Sekireigan onto his eye. Because the technique was imprinted on Yukimaru there are certain limitations that come with it. The first was that it can only be used five times a day. The technique uses Yukimaru’s vitality as its power source. So no matter how strong he gets it will always drain 1/5 of his energy away. If he uses it more than five times he will die. He can use it twice in a row, he can learn to create more temporal clones but he will always be able to use the technique 5 times a day. Imprinting can also be done through seal, acupuncture it can also be directly infused into the body as a form of accelerated training.