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Devil Eye

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The Devil Eye was created by the Mibu Clan to be an exact copy of the original Medusa Eyes. Like the original the Devil Eye is parasitic in nature. The eye forcefully absorbs bearer’s energy requiring them to possess an above-average reserve of energy in order to wield its power. The eye seemingly eats away at the bearer’s ki to sustain itself, with possibly fatal consequences. As long as a bearer has sufficient energy to sustain the the eye, he or she would be able to utilize it. Since the eye wasn’t extracted from Akari’s DNA they don’t absorb energy instead they constantly emit a wave of light, causing petrifaction at anything it touches, and to the desired subject. Sealing the eye not only prevents this but also stops the the eye from absorbing the bearer’s energy. True Mekira has demonstrated the ability to control the wave but not prevent the energy absorption. Finally implanting multiple eyes in the body increases the strength of the wave while speeding up the rate they absorb bearer’s energy.