Demon Eyes Kyo (True name: Kyo Mibu) is one of the main characters in Samurai Deeper Kyo (in both anime & manga). He is known for his demoniac blood-Red Eyes and is one of the most feared samurai in the world. He carries a legendary nodachi called Tenro (Heavenly Wolf), made by the famous blacksmith Muramasa (inspired to the historical figure of Muramasa).


In his true body, Kyo's most distinct and noticable trait are his crimson eyes, for which earned him his nickname, "Demon Eyes Kyo". He also has wild, unruly black hair that is at least waist length.

During the battle of Sekigahara he wore a red battle armor. After the fight against Kyoshiro, he wears a blue kimono. He has long nails.

Kyo by henriette1408

Kyo in Kyoshiro body

In Kyoshiro body, he has blue hair and wears a white kimono in the beginning and later violet


Demon Eyes kyo awakening

Kyo at the beginning at the manga (1)

In the beginning of the manga, Kyo is depicted as a sadistic character who loves to kill his enemies, delighting in their deaths. He also has a tendency to ridicule and crack insulting comments toward enemies and allies alike. Over time, his bloodlust slowly decreases, though he still kills without mercy. However, as the series progressed, Kyo's more negative seemed to disappear with him becoming more quiet and calm, albeit still arrogant and wisecracking.

Demon Eyes Kyo return

Kyo after the training with Muramasa

It continues to peak at times, though training with Muramasa helps fully calm him (he saw a father figure in Muramasa and was saddened by his death). Despite being cold, ruthless and borderline, Kyo is not evil. During this time period when he first meets Yuya, he finds himself very protective over her, though handling it in a very childish manner. Such as calling her "Dog face" and "Ugly". Kyo also held a father figure in Muramasa, and was saddened by his death, even though he did not allow himself to show it. Kyo is also quite perverted, groping women whenever he has the chance (Yuya seems to be his favorite target, and frequently molests her when she is not paying him attention). Despite not showing much outward care for anyone, Kyo became enraged when his friends are in danger or are wounded by an enemy. 

Akira first meets Kyo

The first encounter between Kyo and Akira

Demon Eyes Kyo and Akira

Demon Eyes Kyo and Akira

Akira is his beloved pupil: Akira was a peasant boy whom Kyo found in a village that he'd completely destroyed. Though Akira was very young and the only survivor, he refused to cry and instead faced Kyo with the intention of fighting him. Kyo was impressed with Akira's fighting spirit and adopted him, promising to make him the strongest man in the world, after Kyo himself, of course. He took care of him from his childhood and he'll entrust him in protection of his back.


"He" is coming

He is depicted as a cold, ruthless samurai

Child Kyo imprisoned

Child Kyo imprisoned after killing Nobunaga

In the manga, he is depicted as a cold, ruthless samurai. When he was young, he was shunned by all of the Mibu Clan for his demonic red eyes except for Aka no Ou. After killing Oda Nobunaga, he was thrown into the Mibu dungeons until Muramasa rescued him and trained him in Mumyo Jinpuu Ryu.

Kyo is the last remaining True Mibu. Sendai Aka no Ou asked Kyo to seek out the outside world and one day stop the former King himself if he was to become evil and destroy the world.


Demon Eyes Kyo red eyes

"The Thousand Slayer" (2)

"The Thousand Slayer"

"The Thousand Slayer" (1)

Kyo is a legendary man, known for his red, demon-like eyes, and called the "Thousand Slayer" for killing over one thousand samurai during the Battle of Sekigahara before being defeated by a young man named Kyoshiro Mibu. After being defeated, his mind fused with Mibu, and his body was hidden away somewhere in the forest of Aokigahara

Muramasa and (child) Kyo

First encounter between Muramasa and Kyo

Child Kyo and FCK

He was friend with Former Aka No Ou

yo was born in the Mibu village and was friends with Former Crimson King (Sendai Aka no Ou)Once the Aka no Ou turned evil, Muramasa took Kyo from the village so that he may grow up to be the 'hope' of the Mibu Clan. Kyo travelled the world and formed the Shiseiten in order to become strong enough to return to the Mibu village and defeat the former Aka no Ou. By the end of the series, he is acknowledged as the strongest fighter in the series. In the bonus chapter of the manga Yuya and Kyo live together.

455px-Demon God Kyo

Demon God

True Aka No Ou Kyo

Kyo with the mark of the True Aka No Ou

Kyo is the last remaining True Mibu
and has the True Red Eyes, like the former Aka No Ou, which allows him to turn into a Battle God or Demon God. After he turns into the Battle God and suppresses his battle lust, he is granted the mark, and thus the title of the Aka no Ou.

Abilities / Notable Attacks

  • Kyo wields Tenrou

    Kyo is able to speak with his sword



    Tenro, one of the "Four Great Demon Blades". It was forged by Muramasa and it is nearly unbreakable. ​His sword style is Mumyo Jinpuu Ryu "The Sword of A Devilish Wind" (無明神風流殺人剣Mumyou Jinpuu Ryuu Satsujin Ken ?), which was taught to him by Muramasa. It teaches standard fencing skills and defense, but they are far more powerful than any of the skills of other sword styles. It is the most powerful sword school in the Mibu Clan. It utilizes attacks that can cut air and create illusions. He later learns a higher form of the style that utilizes the Four Symbols (GenbuSeiryuu, ByakkoSuzaku and even Kouryuu, manifesting various different powers based upon the creatures).

Kyo sword style

Sword of Yang (Kyo's Sword Style) (1)

  • Sword of Yang

    Sword of Yang (Kyo's Sword Style) (2)

    Kyo's Sword Style is called Sword of Yang:

The Yang Sword nullify an opponent's attack by hitting it with another attack of equal speed and energy. The Yang Sword has to block the opponent perfectly one tiny imperfection and user will take the blow without one to stop it.

  • Kyo is a Master Swordsman (to the end of the manga, he is equal or even stronger than Former Crimson King in his True Form)

Red Eyes


Red Eyes

These are his natural red eyes and even when wounded he is seen with them activated.

1) True Red Eyes

Kyo True Red Eyes

True Red Eyes (in his True Body) (1)

Demon Eyes Kyo's aura

True Red Eyes (in his True Body) (2)

Kyo's True Red Eyes

True Red Eyes (in Kyoshiro body)

Kyo can call out to the True Mibu blood within him for a tremendous boost in power (these are the True Red Eyes of a True Mibu). In this state, Kyo's eyes become completely red and he emanates a suffocating, almost tangible, bloodlust that requires strong power of will to resist. The drawback is that the state is exhausting to maintain, and may leave him drained if he uses it for too long.

2) Demon God

Demon God Kyo

Demon God

Demon God fury

Kyo's strenght in this state (1)

Demon God wrath

Kyo's strenght in this state (2)

Kyo is the last descendant of the True  Mibu Clan and within every True Mibu there is a demon who relish in slaughter and destruction. Stirred by battle and intense desire for strength, True Mibu's can awaken the demon within them and gain immense power in exchange for loosing their sanity; becoming a mindless berserker called Demon God.

3) True Aka No Ou (or True Crimson King)

True Crimson King Kyo

True Aka No Ou Kyo

True Crimson King Kyo

Kyo's strenght in this state

Kyo has overcome the demon within him and absorbed its strength as his own to wield at his own leisure, which is signified by the ultimate red cross on his back, the sign of a true Aka No Ou. When Kyo evolved into the True Crimson King, his increased power gave him the ability to summon three Kouryu simultaneously, much like the Former Crimson King.

4) Healing Power

Demon Eyes Kyo blood

Healing Power (1)

Healing capabilities

Healing Power (2)

In his True Body, Kyo's Blood can heal (or revitalize) others and himself.

5) Killing Intent / Aura

Demon Eyes Kyo killing aura

Killing Intent (3)

640px-Kyo's killing Intent

Killing Intent (1)

Kyo's killing intent

Killing Intent (2)

The ability to intimidate an opponent using the killing aura. It can be compared to One Piece's Haoshoku Haki.

6) Willpower

Kyo's willpower

Willpower (in Kyoshiro Body)

Kyo's true bodywillpower

Willpower (in his True Body) (2)

Demon Eyes Kyo willpower

Willpower (in his True Body) (1)

It resembles to
 Auras of Ki in Dragon Ball.

7) Perimeter

Perimeter or "Maai" (the space between oneself and the opponent). This technique forms a field that the samurai generates around him/her-self through the use of their ki. If a person enters this field, the samurai will know when that person entered and where that person is even while sleep It can be said that it's like the samurai is standing in a pond of water or on a spider's web. The moment a person steps into that pond or on that web, the samurai is alerted due to the ripples (pool) or vibrations (web) created. Only other master warrior samurai and newborn babies can enter this field without being noticed by the samurai. It can be compared to One Piece's Kenbunshoku Haki.

8) Blind Fighting

Kyo closing his eyes relying on his other 4 senses to feel for the killing aura in his opponents attack so that he is not fooled bye the angle of the opponent attack and can grasp the true direction of enemy attack.

9) Barrier

Samuraideeperkyo v16 047


Kyo creates (with his aura) a barrier to protect himself from enemy attacks. It can be compared to One Piece's Busoshoku Haki.

10) Full Power (in Kyoshiro body)

Kyo's full power

Full Power (2)

The power of faith

Full Power (1)

Demon eyes Kyo faith

Kyo's strenght in this state

This is 100% of Kyo's Spiritual Strenght in Kyoshiro's body. He became stronger than True Red Eyed Kyoshiro's in Kyo true body. This state is also called "The power of Faith": it is the very manifestation of going beyond one's limits, of setting one self free. The power of faith is such that one can call on the four winds of Suzaku, on Byakko, on Genbu and on Seiryuu all at once. Infact this allows Kyo to evocate the true form of Mumyo Jinpuu Ryu: the Golden Wind, Kouryuu.

Muramasa and Kyoshiro never reached this state and for this reason they can not evocate Kouryuu.

It resembles Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball.

11) Kaze No Oe (The Wind of God Sound)

Kaze No Oe

Kaze No Oe (1)

Kaze No Koe

Kaze No Oe (2)

Kaze no koe

Kaze No Oe (3)

Kyo sends a massive air shockwave a long the ground to attack the opponent while at the same instant using his god like speed he appears one moment right behind the attack so that if the attack does not kill the opponent he can finish the job in a instant.

12) Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu Satsujin Ken (Lightless Divine Wind Style Killer Sword)

Mumyo Jimpu ryuu Satsujin Ken

Mumyo Jimpuu Ryuu Satsujin ken

These are the basic techniques.

- Mizuchi

True Mizuchi

Kyo's (True) Mizuchi (1)

Kyo notrealbody2

Kyo's (True) Mizuchi (2)

An attack that uses the air to cut an opponent to pieces; a sub-attack of Seiryu.

Finishing Quote: "You heard it too, didn't you? The voice of the wind."


An attack that allows Kyo to create illusions, even turning them back on foes who had originally cast them.

Finishing Quote: "You saw it too, didn't you? The red mirage."

13)Mumyo Jimpuu Ryuu Ougi

Mumyo Jimpuu Ryuu Ougi

Mumyo Jimpu Ryu Ougi

These are the advanced techniques in the Mumyou Jinpu Ryu. The techniques are based on the Shishin, and each has its uniqueway of dealing damage to enemies.

- Suzaku

640px-Kyo Suzaku coloured

Kyo Suzaku (in Kyoshiro Body)

Demon Eyes Kyo true Suzaku

Kyo Suzaku (in his True Body)

A technique that embodies the legendary red phoenix. Its speed is incredible, as is the power of its flames, and like the legend of the phoenix, can revive itself from its own destruction. When Kyo temporarily returned to his true body while fighting Oda Nobunaga(in Nozumu's body), he was able to summon Suzaku in its
Kyo's Suzaku

Kyo Suzaku (in Kyoshiro Body and with True Red Eyes)

true form; its features were more elaborate and defined, and the destructive power of its flames was also increased, so much that it overwhelmed not only Nobunaga's Tenma Shiryou Ranma technique, but also the regenerative abilities provided by Nozumo's body. However, as it is revealed during a fight, Akira owns a technique that could defeat Suzaku. However, it was never used on Kyo's Suzaku, instead with a fake Kyo, so it is unknown whether this technique can defeat the stronger Suzaku.
Finishing Quote: "You felt it too didn't you? The Suzaku's breath."

- Byakko

A white tiger tears an opponent apart with its claws. A superior technique to Suzaku as a result, the difficulty of execution and the subsequent stress on Kyo are also greater. If the first "claw" misses, the opponent is dragged in by its other "claw" and ripped apart by its "fangs".

Finishing Quote: "Can you feel the claw of the white tiger?"

- Genbu

A black tortoise entwined with serpents; is both an offensive and defensive technique. Genbu's shell protects Kyo from an opponent's attack, while the serpents bind and destroy the opponent. It is capable of blocking any attack, barring the Kouryu.

Finishing Quote: "You've been captured by the hand of Genbu."

- Seiryuu

More than a dozen Mizuchi are projected toward an opponent and surround him, eventually merging to create an immobilizing and destructive whirlwind that pulls the opponent into the heavens where the waiting Kyo (in the form of the legendary blue dragon) descends to deliver the final blow.

Finishing Quote: "Can you feel the anger of Dragon King?"

- Four Gods Simultaneous Attack

As the name implies, the Four Gods are summoned simultaneously to attack the enemy. Although powerful in its own right, its merely a precursor to something even greater.

- Kouryuu

Kyo's Kouryuu

Kyo Kouryu (in Kyoshiro Body) (1)

Demon Eyes Kyo Kouryuu

Kyo Kouryu (in Kyoshiro Body) (2)

When all of the Four Gods are summonedto attack the opponent simultaneously, this action brings forth the final and most powerful beast god. While Kyo was in Kyoshiro's body, it often took the form a huge, golden, focused blast of wind of seemingly limitless destructive power, descending from the heavens to strike at the enemy.

640px-Perfect Kouryu

Kyo Kouryu (in his True Body)

When Kyo returned to his original and more powerful body, he was able to summon the golden wind in its true form, the heavenly dragon Kouryu. Finally, when Kyo evolved into the True Crimson King, his increased power gave him the ability to summon three Kouryu simultaneously, much like the Former Crimson King. In addition, the initial summoning of the Four Gods allows the wielder to use their abilities in conjunction with Kouryu for greater results.


Yuya Shiina

Kyo's relationship with Yuya in the beginning can be described as tumultuous at best. Kyo cared very little about Yuya's well being, stating that he didn't care what happened to her during their first meeting when he inadvertently saves her when Kyoshiro steps in to save her from the Bantoji Brothers (in the anime, he saves her from being attacked by a serpent-like demon trying to obtain his power). Likewise, Yuya was looking to turn him in for the massive bounty on his head.


  • Demon Eyes Kyo (Onime no Kyo), bears a striking resemblence to Madara Uchiha, from Naruto for his Red Eyes (which would be Madara's Sharingan), long black hair, serious attitude, and red armor. Considering Samurai Deeper Kyo came first, Madara may possibly have been inspired by Kyo, though this is unconfirmed.
  • He also resembles to Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach (in sword fighting and power up). His actual relationship with FCK is similar to that between Ichigo and Aizen.
  • Probably, One Piece's Cavendish and his second personality Hakuba are inspired to Kyo and Kyoshiro Mibu in the first volumes of the manga
  • Throughout the series, it is revealed Kyo is not as cold-hearted, as first implied. He gets angry, when people were dishonoring Muramasa's name, and smiles when first returning to the Land of the Mibu, showing a bit of nostalgia in his thoughts.
  • It is shown he is a pervert, one example being in chapter 120, when he has Yuya over his shoulder, and touches/grabs/slaps her butt. 
  • Those who want the truthful information about this manga, SEE ALSO: (for Feats and Statistics)


The anime show a Kyo with a red hair but the original Kyo (the manga Kyo) has long black hair in his true body (in Kyoshiro body has short blue hair)!


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