梵天丸 Bontenmaru
Oda Nobunaga of the North"/"The One-Eyed Dragon"/"The Sharpest Sword" (aliases)
  • Masamune Date (true name)
Race Human
Birthday August 3
Age 37
Status Alive
Gender Male Icon Male
Height 198 cm
Weight 85 Kg
Blood Type 0
Voice Actors
Japanese Norio Wakamoto
Professional Status
Occupation(s) Shiseiten, Samurai, Berserker, leader of Clan Date
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #10, Chapter #85
  • Date Terumune (father)
  • Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed brother
  • Clan Date
Bokken (wooden sword)
Masamune, the "one eyed dragon"

The legendary One-Eyed Dragon Masamune

Bontenmaru is another member of the Shiseiten, and is referred to as "The Sharpest Sword" by Kyo. His real name is Masamune Date, otherwise known as "The Oda Nobunaga of the North" and "The One-Eyed Dragon"


He is a very tall and muscular man. He has grey hair. He wears a black cloack. He has a black bandage on right eye (he has lost an eye due to smallpox)


Bontenmaru four years ago

Bontenmaru four years before

As he was first introduced, Bontenmaru was depicted as somewhat of a pervert, just as Kyo is. He is also very humorous, and enjoys teasing Kyo, whom he has something of a friendly rivalry with. In battle, Bontenmaru usually waits for his opponent to attack first, analyzing their style and countering with effective techniques.

Bontenmaru personality

He is very devoted to his promises

Bontenmaru is also very devoted to his promises. When he was forced to kill his father, and later his brother, he resolved to become shogun, using their sacrifices as motivation to further push him not to give up. 

The "divin beast" Bontenmaru

Beast Mode Bontenmaru (1)

Bontenmaru beast mode

Beast Mode Bontenmaru (2)

However, all this changes when he enters his Beast Mode. In this form, Bontenmaru's body, and even mind are more akin to an animal's rather than a a human, and he fights on bare instinct, disregarding all forms of strategy.




Like the other members of the Shishiten, Bontenmaru uses a weapon in battle, his Bokuto, a wooden sword (he is skilled enough to fight against even Kyo's sword with this weapon)

Bontenmaru hand to hand combat

Hand to hand combat (1)

Bontenmaru strenght

Hand to hand combat (2)

However, Bontenmaru's main specialty is expert in hand-to-hand combat (he is so powerful, Kyo calls him "The Sharpest Sword" amongst the Shishiten, after Yukimura Sanada asks Kyo if Bontenmaru was the "sheath").

1) Willpower

Bontenmaru willpower

Willpower (1)

Hotaru and Bontenmaru willpower

Willpower (2)

It resembles to Auras of Ki in Dragon Ball         

2) Wooden Sword (Bokken Technique)

Bontenmaru wooden sword

Wooden Sword

Bontenmaru is so skilled with the wooden sword that he is able to use it against a real sword, instinctively turning it at the last second so that it absorbs the blow of a sword but doesn't break. He is also capable of killing an enemy rather easily with the wooden sword.

3) Satsujin Taijutsu Technique

Sastujin Taijutsu

Satsujin Taijutsu

Bontenmaru's strenght

Bontenmaru's strenght and hand to hand combat

Bontenmaru fights using his high physical strenght and hand to hand combat

Ishi Suji

Ishi Suji

  • Ishi Suji  A split second before the opponent hits the user with a taijutsu attack, the user tightens his/her muscles. Due to extensive training these muscles quickly take any blow that comes its way and returns the force back up the body of their attacker, effectively reflecting the taijutsu attack. A highly powerful technique, the strain this gives to muscles can be intense. It can even be use to block swords. It resembles to One Piece's Tekkai (Rob Lucci)

  • Hishishokiaku: Bontenmaru kicks (karate style) to the opponent

Bontenmaru Hishishokiaku



  • Kosoga: Bontenmaru swings one fist upwards in an uppercut motion and another downwards to form a vertical pincer, which an be used to break bones or, at a later stage, create a massive crater. This technique can also be used horizontally.

4) Ki Control

Bontenmaru ki control

Ki Control (1)

Bontenmaru Ki control

Ki Control (2)

Bontenmaru can project his ki with physical attacks, can create explosions with ki attacks. It resembles to Dragon Ball's Ki Blast

5) Beast Mode

The beast within Bontenmaru

The Beast within Bontenmaru

Beast Mode Bontenmaru

Beast Mode Bontenmaru

Bontenmaru releases the beast within him, and enters an animal-like berserker rage, boosting his combat stats several fold. This resembles Rob Lucci's Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard in One Piece

  • Killing Intent / Aura
Bontenmaru Killing Intent

Killing Intent (2)

Bontenmaru killing intent

Killing Intent



  • Kouseiken: Bontenmaru focuses his energy in a punch, able to pierce the opponent

  • Hibernation:
    Bontenmaru hibernation


    he can perform a variation of this technique but that’s just a natural by product of his Satsujin Taijutsu technique due to its animalistic nature.