Benitora (or Red Tiger), the secret identity for Hidetada Tokugawa, is fighting both to rid his land of Kenyo and because he has fallen in love with Yuya Shiina (who has no idea who he is).


Red Tiger
He wears a red bandana and a sleeveless suit with green pants. He has red hair. He often has his eyes almost closed


Benitora loves Yuya

He falls in love with Yuya the first time he meets her

He falls in love with Yuya the first time he meets her and tends to be over-protective of her. In order to hide his true identity as heir to the Shogunate from her, he speaks with a noticeable Kansai accent (or in the English dub of the anime, a southern accent) when near her. He may act foolish but is serious (when he wants to be). Same for when he's fighting, he's serious and he's incredibly deadly.


Benitora first appearance

First encounter between Benitora and Kyoshiro

Hidetada Tokugawa

The son of Ieyasu Tokugawa

He first meets Kyoshiro in volume 2, mistaking him for Kyo. After sparring with Kyoshiro, he decides to join the group. When Kyo awakens in volume 3, he makes Benitora his #2 servant after a short fight. His father, Tokugawa Ieyasu ordered him to spy on Kyo, but Benitora does this for fun and serves as the comic relief of the group.

Benitora and Fake Mekira master

Benitora's and (Fake) Mekira's Master

Fake Mekira and Benitora

Mekira 2 and Benitora

During the Forest Arc, he fights a former fellow disciple of his master, Mekira II. Mekira has the upper hand for most of the fight thanks to a hypnotic technique, but Benitora eventually sees through it and kills Mekira with a special technique of his own, although doing so exacerbates his injuries.When Nobunaga reappears and overwhelms Kyo, Benitora intervenes, blocking the killing blow and briefly fighting Oda Nobunaga one-on-one. He is completely outmatched, but eventually manages to unhorse Nobunaga with another secret technique, the reverse Hassun, almost killing himself in the process; he is saved from death at Nobunagas hands by the revitalized Kyo.

Benitora (Red Tiger) vs Taihaku

Benitora vs Taihaku

Red Tiger vs Forbidden Army

He fights and defeats (temporarily) Crimson King Forbidden Army

He had a great part in Mibu arc, he fought Taihaku, the leader of Goyosei and won. He also fight against Crimson Tower army while his friend Akira battled with Tokito. In the last battle he and Sasukesuccessfully retrieved the Crimson King heart. In the bonus chapter he continued study to lead Japan in future with Mahiro in his side. It is earlier implied in his fight against the real Kubira that its Mahiro, not Yuya, that he really has feelings for.



Benitora with the first weapon (Koyoku)

Benitora (Red Tiger)

Benitora with Hokuraku Shimon

When he first meets Kyoshiro, he wields his Koyoku

Later he obtains the Hokuraku Shimon, the Tokugawa's cursed spear and also one of the five legendary Muramasa blades


Benitora speaks with his weapon

Benitora is able to speak with his weapon

Benitora in action

Benitora is a master in spear fighting

Benitora strenght

Benitora's strenght

Benitora is a master of Spear Fighting and he is called the Shadows Master (because he is able to generate up to eight copies of himself)

1) Killing Intent / Aura

Red Tiger killing intent

Killing Intent


2) Shikage-ryū


Benitora shadows

Shadows (1)

Red Tiger shadows

Shadow (2)

Benitora creates copies of himself (from five to eight) and together attack the opponent (from multiple angles). This techniques resembles Naruto's Shadow Clone Technique



- Hassun

A quick thrust that can take a large chunk out of a person.

- Reverse Hassun

Reverse Hassun

Reverse Hassun

The same as Hassun, but done with 8 clones. Even if it misses, the shockwave is strong enough to turn a person's insides into goo


He was trained in spear fighting first by his master and later by Mototada Torii


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