Aokigahara forest

Aokigahara Forest (1)

Aokigahara Forest

Aokigahara Forest (2)

A place where only the chosen ones can enter. Compasses are useless in there, once you enter there will be no way to get out. That’s why criminals are exiled to this lawless ground. No matter how hard anyone tries, it’s impossible to rule the whole place, thus it is split up by several groups, and they fight for power there. Normal people would faint if they were to enter; it’s like the end of the world. It covers the whole area surrounding the Mount Fuji it’s the Aokigahara forest.  

Forest division

The death forest division

The forest is divided into three parts:

Sea of Blue Fire

Sea of blu fire

1) The lowest part of the forest that the outsiders enter first. The place of a hundred deaths, where the “Sea of Blue Fire” is.

Sakura Sea with the Yellow Source

Sakura sea with the yellow source


Human bones beneath the flowers

2) Further in there are stronger, more powerful demons, the place of a thousand deaths, where “Sakura Sea with the Yellow Source” (or Yomo-tsuhirakika) is. This place is composed by poppies. The opium comes from this flowers, so even if you inhale a miniscule amount of pollen,you will lose your senses and your deeply buries memories will become hallucinations. The end result is either losing yourself in this beautiful garden or insanity induced by hallucination. In eiter case, you will lose your life. Infact beneath the flowers, the are human bones. Flowers uses outward reality to attract people and then kill them... Using humans as fertilizer to mke the flower even more beautiful

Red Lotus Paradise

Red lotus paradise

Next, even further in the darkest deepest place “the Red Lotus Paradise” (or Gurenji-youdo) that is where the unhumans live.


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