Nkyo Ame no Murakumo

Ame No Murakumo (1)

Gsdk 221.Gathering Clouds of Heaven

Ame No Murakumo (2)

This technique is based on the power of sublimation enabling user to convert matter and energy into a vapor at will. This technique can be used in a variety of ways by controlling the solidarity of the vapors user can create a wide variety of cloud like tools, objects, weapons, armor, animals, and even appendages. 

Shihoudou uses it in the form of a giant cloud like entity that devours all in its way, by converting it into mist and then kneading it into its body to increase its strength. It can be used to transport messages it can even be used to create platforms to use as flighted transportation. This technique’ strength is based solely on user’s will so can be defeated with a stronger will than users.