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The body’s of the Mibu are virtually identical to that regular Humans. Like with human anatomy, acupuncture (
CH: 針灸; zhēnjiŭ; JP: 鍼治療; hari chiryou) comes into play in the medical field through manipulating the hidden points within the human body.

Instead of utilizing acupuncture needles in order to stimulate pressure points, manipulation of one's ki performs that role for the Mibu (similar to the concept of acupressure).

Anthony is a master in Acupuncture

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Skillful use of acupuncture can ease pain,
cure illness, and accelerate the regeneration of wounds. It requires less energy and effort than healing techniques, when utilized proficiently. As useful as it is for medical purposes, Mibu Acupunture can also be used to take the victim downJulian can weaken an opponent of much greater power by striking the right pressure points, or even kill the superior foe with a well placed blow to the correct region of the body. 

Acupuncture on Shinrei

Anthony use Acupuncture to bring out Shinrei's latent abilities (1)

Acupuncture effect

Anthony use Acupuncture to bring out Shinrei's latent abilities (2)

Acupuncture's effect

Anthony use Acupuncture to bring out Shinrei's latent abilities (3)

The greatest aspect of this skill is the ability to bring out
latent power. However since each person’s hidden power is different the method of releasing it is different too.

Ultra Freezing Point

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Ultra Freezing Point (3)

Ultra Freezing Point

Ultra Freezing Point (1)

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The Ultra Freezing Point is an acu point that permanently shuts down the gland that regulates the body’s nerve centers, the Hypothalamus. Your body’s reaction to heat loss is involuntary and driven by the hypothalamus, the tiny gland in the brain acting as a thermostat. The hypothalamus is very sensitive to any temperature variation in your body. Even a small drop brings the temperature regulation mechanisms into action: blood vessels in the skin constrict to prevent excessive heat loss and muscles shiver to create heat. The hypothalamus is a cruel gland, though. Its only concern is to keep the vital organs at an acceptable temperature, and couldn’t care less if your toes or fingers became icicles. All of the thermoregulation mechanisms are designed to protect the core. Eliminating this gland renders the body no longer susceptible to the effects of extremely cold temperatures. Which can be dangerous as the body no longer has any dense mechanisms that tell it when it’s shutting down.


Black Scorpion


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